8 tips to enhance your writing

Not everyone is born with a unique gift for language and its peculiarities, yet everyone can enhance their writing skills through practice. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you out!

1. Read. Reading frequently does not only enrich your vocabulary but also helps you develop a feel for good grammar and proper sentence structures. 

2. Get organized. Outlining is a crucial part of writing (that many people tend to overlook, unfortunately). A piece of writing is the product of your thoughts at the end of the day. And therefore, you won’t be able to produce a well-structured copy if you do not pull your thoughts together in a logical order first.

3. Make thesaurus your best friend. Online thesauri are a vast source of language insights, from synonyms to subtle nuances. The Microsoft Word thesaurus tool is an equally beneficial alternative. 

4. Simplify your sentences. Focus on getting the meaning across and leave embellishments for last. Do not write sentences that go on forever. Once you start to feel like there is too much going on in one sentence, chunk it down into two or more sentences to avoid run-ons.

5. Nail your prepositions. Good English is a lot about getting your prepositions right. When in doubt, google the two alternatives between quotations and go for the one with the most listed results. (This is one quick way of doing it, but you can always consult your dictionary for decisive answers). 

6. Avoid repetitions. You’re basically just wasting your time on a superfluous sentence instead of formulating a new notion that can actually help you progress with your article. Just why?

7. Try the mumble method. Read your text out loud. This allows you to make sense of the flow of your piece. If you get to a point where you’re having trouble reading your sentence, then you most probably need to reformulate it. 

8. Write more. Practice makes perfect. Remember that enhancing your writing is gradual, lifelong process. There is always room for improvement, even for writers with almost perfect writing skills. Language is a boundless, ever-expanding universe.

Cover credit: Young Upstarts