April 26: Recognizing culture in the digital age

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day this year, panels of experts around the world are exploring the future of culture in the digital age. Discussions will be held about how culture shapes everyday life, how people access its different facets and how it is continuously shaped.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) designated April 26, the day its convention entered into force in 1970, as the official global day to recognize intellectual property in 2000. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of copyrights and trademarks, among other types of intellectual property, and to celebrate the individual contribution of innovators and their role in the development of societies around the world.

The end goal is to prove how a flexible intellectual property system can help to ensure that creative industries are properly paid for their work, so they keep creating.

An infographic below details the four main types of intellectual property: trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret.

Credit: Pashalaw

Credit: Pashalaw

Cover credit: Cloudinary via People Matters