7 things you realize after graduating from college

Years spent at university are critical when it comes to shaping a person’s future path. But life still has a lot more in store for your post-college self.

Credit: Dantejarabelo.com

Credit: Dantejarabelo.com

Here are a few realizations that are likely to hit you once you finish college, other than the fact that you no longer have to fuss over registration or stay up until 3 a.m. to finish writing your research paper, of course.

1. It is perfectly okay to be confused.

Although many of your friends might look like they've got it under control (which is not true in 99.9 percent of the cases), you are by no means supposed to have your life figured out a week or two after graduation. It is perfectly fine to explore your options, dabble in different professional environments or just chill out at home for a month or two (you deserve some rest after all).

2. 'Adulting' is not what it appears to be.

While adult life may not exactly turn out to be your glamorous long-awaited dream, it is surely not the nightmare some grumpy grownups have warned you about. It has its ups and downs, but most importantly an awful lot of middles.

3. You will catch yourself reminiscing about your college routine quite a lot.

Post-college blues is totally normal at this stage, especially when you realize you've suddenly lost all your student privileges and have to rely almost entirely on your own judgment and resources to survive.

4. There's a lot more to jobs than money.

You’ll be surprised to find that your choice of job will be based on a lot more than remuneration and benefits. You might also realize that working from home or joining the ranks of an emerging startup might actually serve you better creatively than securing a full-time position at one of the big names in the industry. Do not limit your choices, be open to experimentation.

5. Time flies.

Well, yes. You are very likely to find yourself constantly running out of time to finish important tasks. But that’s okay, it’s not like you didn’t at college. This being said, you will have to boost your time-management strategies big time to avoid becoming a chronic procrastinator.

6. Comparing yourself to other people is not a measure for success.

Twenty-first century humans are growing more and more competitive by the minute due to a number of factors including social networks and the nature of today's job market. Sometimes something as trivial as a friend's Facebook post is enough to strike up an existential episode of endless (and sometimes jealousy-infused) comparisons. Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people, especially when the parameters do not hold up most of the time anyway. There are much more important goals to channel your time and effort into.

7. On your own doesn't mean alone.

Loneliness is not exactly a pleasant feeling but you will be experiencing it a lot once you move away from your highly interactive college environment. Make use of the time you spend alone as an outlet for personal growth and experimentation. And always remember that although you will have to face a lot of challenges on your own, you will almost always find precious people (sometimes even perfect strangers) by your side in times of need.

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