Weekly News Highlights: Top 6 stories from March 20 to 26

Here's our weekly roundup of the most important world events of last week.

1. Brussels attacks

At least 31 people died in Brussels Tuesday in two coordinated attacks at Maalbeek metro station and Brussels Airport. The Islamic State claimed its responsibility for the attack.

Cover credit: The Guardian

Cover credit: The Guardian

2. ISIS in Iraq

A suicide bomber entered an Iraqi soccer stadium and blew himself up Friday, killing at least 32 people, mostly teenagers. ISIS claimed the attack.

Dozens of Iraqi army troops were killed after a suicide bomber rammed is vehicle into the troops, but while ISIS claimed the bombing, the Iraqi military denied any losses in its ranks.

3. Obama's Cuba visit

During U.S. President Barack Obama's historic visit to Cuba, Cuban President Raúl Castro called for the full end of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba and the return of Guantánamo Bay.

4. Brazil corruption scandal

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff stays defiant amid calls for resignation from the public, as Brazilians witness the country's worst corruption scandal in decades. Rousseff said it would be rather harmful for the country were she to resign, and the public is divided over the matter.

5. Syria peace talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin was urged to exert his influence on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to reach a peace deal in Syria and a successful political transition after a round of peace talks in Geneva was concluded.

The negotiations' success seems to be solely dependent on Russia's willingness to pressure Assad.

6. U.S. presidentials

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign is back on track after he won the Alaska and Washington Democratic caucuses Saturday, easily beating his rival and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sanders also won in Hawaii.