How to enhance your online image

Your online persona is less about who you are and more about the content you post/share. Follow these tips to enhance your personal brand and increase your visibility online.

1. Undertake regular cyber cleanups. Go over your online postings at regular intervals in order to review, filter and ultimately eliminate obsolete/unwanted content. Such a routine might take you quite some time the first time you undertake it as you will find yourself scrolling down a bottomless stream of pictures, thoughts and stories but nothing feels better than getting things in order at the end of the day.

2. Make self-googling a habit. Type your name (with and without quotations) in Google’s search tab every now and then to keep track of the results and monitor any changes, especially when you have a number of published articles/blog posts that are worth following up on.

3. Respect the particularity of each of your social media profiles. Not each of your pictures/ideas has to go up on every single social media platform you’re on. Keep in mind that social networks, although very similar in their approach, differ greatly in their function, focus and subtleties. Keep your snappy, witty observations for Twitter and your casual selfies for Instagram as a basic example.

4. Optimize your LinkedIn presence. Take special care of your LinkedIn profile by following our quick compilation of tips as it is the first resort for potential employers and professional connections who are looking to know more about you.

5. Do not neglect your email signature. Your email signature is a subtle way of showcasing yourself and promoting your social media presence. Set up a neat E-signature that redirects to your personal website/blog and different social media profiles while nevertheless avoiding bulky fonts and icons. Keep it simple yet informative.

6. Avoid petty social media rants. Do not jump at the opportunity to ‘score points’ against another social media user or surrender to emotional outbursts triggered by something offensive you’ve come across online. Internet fights are worthless 99.9 percent of the time.

7. Customize your privacy settings. Do not overexpose yourself to the online community. Make sure to go over the privacy settings of the different social networks you use (Facebook in particular) in order to separate your public info from more private pictures and opinions.

8. Get blogging. Write relevant blog posts/articles that fall within your area of expertise and publish them on a suitable blogging platform in order to showcase your work, writing style and skills. It is important to have published content online, however, make sure not to prioritize quantity over quality in terms of blog posts.

9. Strive for uniqueness and consistency. You need to find a unique voice that is also consistent over time and across different online platforms in order to become recognizable, identifiable and most importantly memorable to the larger online community.

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