3 challenges we all face in the workplace

The concept of the workplace is evolving, but the main challenges remain the same.

Graduating from college and joining the workforce is a scary step for anyone. Tests, projects and deadlines might have seemed tough back in college, but the workplace scares us even more. And to be honest, it’s perfectly natural to be scared of the unknown especially when we’re in our 20s.

That’s why we’re pinpointing the three main challenges we, as millennials, face in the workplace:

1. Dealing with criticism: Whatever we might be doing and wherever we might be working, criticism is something we have to accept. It might not be that easy to take it in when we’ve been working on the project for a long time, but when our superior pinpoints a flaw or suggests a modification, we will have to take it into consideration. That is part of growing up and realizing that our best can always become better.

2. Office dynamics/politics: Stepping into the workplace when we’re new is like walking into a reality show. We’ll probably find certain cliques that sit together and a little bit of rivalry going on. The best thing we can do is stay out of office politics for a while up until we can understand where we'll fit. But one thing is for sure, we ought not to get involved in gossiping at any time, it won’t earn us any respect in the workplace. It’s better for us to stick to doing our job and socializing in a professional manner.

3. Working with people you don’t particularly “like”: The truth is, and just like anything else in life, we won’t get along with everyone at the office. But the sad part is, we will have to work with them. The secret to making it work is trying not to focus on the aspects that annoy us about the other person. We might even have to go to the extent of screening out everything they say. We should just focus on doing our job and letting them do theirs.

The workplace, for any fresh graduate, is a new territory that requires time to be properly discovered. We will all face challenges in the workplace, but we have to do so with an open heart and mind to make sure that we talk out from every obstacle having learned and grown.

Cover credit: Aubreydaniels.com