How to transform working life through behavioral science

Caroline Webb is the current CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that teaches people how to use insight from behavioral science to improve their working life.

During her years at McKinsey (a global management consulting company), she designed the firm's approach to transform senior team dynamics and improving personal effectiveness.

She also founded the faculty of McKinsey's leadership development course for senior female executives. Before that, she spent much of the 1990s working in public policy as an economist at the Bank of England.

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With the book "How to Have a Good Day - Harness the Power of Behavioural [sic] Science to Transform Your Working Life," Caroline Webb shows readers the recent findings from behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience to transform our approach to everyday working life.

This is not just the exposition of a scientific achievement, but also a practical guide to apply behavioral approach on our daily tasks. On the basis of three big scientific lines, she has developed step-by-step guidelines showing us how to set better priorities, make the most of our time, strengthen our personal impact and interactions, avoid setbacks, and boost our energy.

The BBC has described Caroline's work as "helping people keep their heads in a complex world."

The following video is an interesting interview, courtesy of Yahoo Finance, where she explains more about her approach.


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