Are you a cat or a dog person?

Owning a pet is not a random decision to take. While some would think about the expenses, or where to keep the pet in the house, others consider different criteria before deciding to get a pet.

A person’s personality has been proven to have an influence on choosing which pet to own.

In fact, cat people are more likely to be women, introverts and prefer to stay with their friends at a party. They tend to use creativity in their actions, and are less assertive than dog people. People who like cats are unconventional, and try to rescue stray kittens. We find them living more in the city, in an apartment. Being introverts, they prefer individual activities and are not very sociable.

However, dog people are more likely to be men, extroverts and seeking attention in social gatherings. They are conscientious, conservative and agreeable, more open to outdoor group activities. When it concerns helping stray kittens, dog people tend to call animal institutions, contrary to cat people. Dogs owners usually live in a rural area and are more likely to be married.

But despite all of these differences in their personalities, dog and cat people do have a lot in common: the love for animals to start with. They enjoy not only owning pets, but also talking to them and cuddling them. Both types equally feel close to nature and are known to be environmentalists and optimistic.

Personalities do interfere in the choice of the pet, but it is more than just that. Before getting a pet, people should make sure they have the time, the patience and the availability to take care of the animal. Just like a newborn, a pet is an additional member to the family.

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