9 most common dreams and their interpretation

Credit: Juicemigourmet.com

Credit: Juicemigourmet.com

Every night, during the second phase of sleep, each one of us dreams around five dream episodes, lasting between 15 to 40 minutes.

In other words, we are dreaming about two hours each night. All of these dreams reflect essential traits and behavior of an individual’s everyday routine.

Here are the nine most common dreams we experience and their meaning.

1. Death. Dreaming about the death of a loved one, or of one’s self, is related to a certain change going on in the waking life. It is perceived as the fear of the unknown, because just like death, nobody knows what a change is hiding. Those dreams can reflect the start of something new.

2. Falling. If someone dreams that they are falling, it means that they are holding too tight to a problem in real life, that it is time to let it go and consider a new direction. It is a symbol of fear, anxiety and insecurity about a situation.

3. Flying. Being able to fly can have two different meanings. First, it mirrors the desire to fly and escape a certain reality but lacking the confidence to do so. Second, it suggests one’s ability to let go of some circumstances, representing freedom and independence.

4. Being chased. While some think that this dream is terrifying, it is actually helpful. Those dreams, indicate a situation causing fear or anxiety, avoided by the dreamer in real life, and help him face it and get through it. The meaning of the dream depends also on the  identity of the chaser; animal, unknown chaser, etc.

5. Being naked in public. Dreaming about showing up naked to school or work is common. It is often related to anxiety and vulnerability felt towards a situation. This dream might suggest as well, the incapacity of someone to reveal their imperfections, since clothes are often used to represent one’s image; so being naked is like letting go of every hidden details of themselves.

6. Falling teeth. The real importance of teeth are biting and chewing. In this case, dreaming about losing a tooth means that the person might be facing self confidence issues, along with a fear of rejection or embarrassment. But, falling teeth in a dream can also suggest a preoccupation of one’s appearance and how others perceive them.

7. Out-of-control vehicle. A vehicle represents a person’s capacity to control their progress. When a person is driving an out-of-control car in their dreams, it shows that they do not have enough control on a situation in their waking life, and in their road to success.

8. Exam dreams. Dreaming about taking a test, showing up late or unprepared for one, can mean a realization of being unprepared for new challenges, coming along the way in real life. It is, also, an examination of someone’s personal performance.

9. Finding an unused room. Finding yourself in an empty room might be intriguing in a dream. This kind of dream denotes new abilities and potential, that the dreamer discovered about himself. When the room is white, it means that he is ready to develop this ability and work on it.

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