7 tips to ace your next job interview

Job interviews can be nerve-racking, but we've totally got you covered on this one! All you have to do is roll through our exclusive compilation of practical hacks that will have you sailing through your next interview in perfect style.

1. Do NOT try to appropriate a different character than yours. Yes, you need to be mentally and physically prepared at all costs. But this does not mean you should morph into a characterless corporate robot. Never think that letting go of your individuality in favor of the standard ‘good employee’ impersonation is the way to impress your interviewer. I can assure you they’ve seen that way too many times to still buy into it. The only character you should be playing here is you. Make it count.

2. Keep it together, at all times. Even when you feel you've messed it all up. Even if you have to fake it. Even if you have to practice your nerves out. Learn to contain any anxiety symptoms or emotional outbursts that might come up during the course of the interview. Remember that no matter how far you fall back, you can always come back on track.

3. Put serious thought in your appearance. My preferred dress code would be professional with a touch of personal style. You need to put together a solid look that for one matches the nature of the job you are being interviewed for and fits you nicely without nonetheless being flamboyant for two. If this does not seem to be available in your current wardrobe, do not hesitate to go shopping! AND don’t forget the grooming.

4. Initiate a systematic online investigation prior to the interview. You need to do your research about the company, the position at hand and most importantly the person (people) who will be interviewing you. You might end up feeling like a stalker but it’s totally okay. They most probably stalked you just enough before setting up an interview.

5. Acknowledge your lack of knowledge. No human is expected to be a walking, talking know-it-all. If there is something you do not know or understand, then nothing should stop you from asking for clarification.

6. Listen. Keep in mind that a job interview is as much about your interviewee as it is about you. Give them your full attention at all times and make sure not to go overboard with self-promotion clichés. Listening carefully to what another person has to say is not only an act of respect but also a form of appreciation at the end of the day.

7. Sell yourself right. Picture yourself on your favorite talent show: you have just stepped out on stage and are about to deliver the most decisive performance of your life. How would you package yourself? What key qualities would you want to communicate? Focus on these elements and strive to channel them through everything from your outfit to the way you structure your answers. Good luck!

Cover credit: Media.licdn.com