What are the top brands effectively targeting millennials?

Cover credit: Flickr

Cover credit: Flickr

Understanding how to reach the millennials generation and implementing millennial-focused marketing strategies will help organizations reach their business and marketing objectives faster.

This generation has shaped the way that brands send messages, forcing businesses to change. Taking into account millennials’ idiosyncrasies is critical to creating an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan.

Millennials’ value systems include a predisposition to support social and environmental causes they care about. As a result, millennials support companies with environmentally and socially responsible products. So to effectively reach them, companies need to apply environmentally responsible practices to their business strategy, creating authentic messages that can be supported with actions regarding the environment and social issues.

Companies such as General Motors and Ford have implemented programs across their whole supply chain, supporting environmental and social initiatives. The two brands now use a sustainability report, a common marketing tool in business, to provide information regarding the environmental and social practices of the company.

There are also other brands that are in a really good position to successfully target millennials. The following four brands stand out.

1. Toms, which donates a pair of shoes to someone who can’t afford them for every pair sold. The founder, Blake Mycoskie, has found a way for philanthropy and profit to coexist in perfect harmony, giving millennials the opportunity of participate.

2. Netflix constantly uses social media with shareable content to attract and engage millennials.

3. Uber has an exceptional business model that works with marketing campaigns focused on millennials as well as shareable social media content. Its app focuses on convenience and the needs and desires of the millennial generation.

4. Dollar Shave Club has revolutionized the personal grooming market with a business model uniquely suited for millennials. It uses multimedia, targeting millennials with relevant, sharable and entertaining content. The result is a commercial that delivers the type of humor millennials crave.