Helpline partnership announced for UK young people charities

Homeless protest in Manchester Cover credit: Matt Harrop/The State Of The Arts

Homeless protest in Manchester
Cover credit: Matt Harrop/The State Of The Arts

Two major U.K. advice charities, The Mix and Centrepoint, will receive a large boost in accessibility thanks to a recent partnership aiming to increase the effectiveness of both organizations which support young people in a variety of ways.

For over 10 years, Centrepoint has worked to help homeless young people, employing over 350 staff to run hostels every day of the week. It has assisted over 116,000 people since its founding in 1969. The organization also has had the support of the Duke of Cambridge since 2005. Young people commonly stay with Centrepoint for about two and a half years to learn important life skills that help get them back into education, training and employment.

Centrepoint previously partnered with the Street Football Association in 2014, an initiative to give young people further opportunities and a positive sporting outlet to share with their peers.

On the other hand, The Mix is focused on giving support through a call-line that helps with a wide array of issues. Young people can call the organization for advice on relationships, drug and alcohol usage, mental health, as well as adult affairs such as work and housing. The service is also accessible through an app and a discussion board.

The Mix has undertaken several campaigns, encouraging young people to get involved with change that affects them personally. Because of its broad reach, The Mix reaches two million young people in the U.K. each year.

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With this deal, both organizations will be able to broaden their reach across the country, as cases have risen in recent years. A Freephone number — which is free to call on any network — will connect the two services and link directly to an advisor, allowing young people to receive the information and assistance they need much quicker.

The helpline will be launched in February 2017.