Infographic: How young graduates can climb the business ladder

Editor's note: The following piece was submitted to Global Young Voices by Diane Fenning, a student of the Social Sciences College at SFSU with a special interest in studying social media trends, organizational psychology and statistics.

Cover credit: Pexels

Cover credit: Pexels

No matter what your level of education, there are always a few tips and hacks to help you climb the corporate ladder. The graphic below shows examples of different starting points with regards to education and which promotions to expect, and of course a few pointers to help along the way.

It is normally preferred to have more than a high school education in the world of corporate business, but even still it is possible to be hired on as an administrative assistant. One of the big tips here is to show up on time and be well prepared for the day ahead in order to prove that you can handle not only your jobs but also a promotion. If you get that promotion, you can go from making $36,500 to $86,110 per year as an administrative services manager.

Holding an associate degree, it's possible to enter the corporate workforce as a computer support specialist making $51,470. The tip given is to be sure to hold yourself as well as others accountable. Make sure credit and blame are both given to whom they belong. Network and computer systems administrator is the next stop on this ladder making up to $77,810 annually. Your hack here is to be sure to advocate for yourself, if you are looking for the next promotion, don't be afraid to let your boss know you want the position and why you feel you are ready for it. With hard work, you can find yourself working as a computer network architect making $100,240 a year.

Starting with a bachelor's degree, a human resources specialist can be your entry level position at $58,350 per year. A tip for interviewing for the job is to tell a story that highlights your skills and problem-solving abilities, and make it funny. Human resources manager is the next promotion up the corporate ladder and the pay is $104,440. One of the hacks which can help you obtain the job easier is to get a degree in business administration with a focus in human resources, which can help advance you faster or nose out competition. With an annual pay of $111,430, the top of this ladder is the compensation and benefits manager.

Beginning your career with a master's degree puts your entry level position at training and development manager, making $102,640 annually. The tip here is to dress for success β€” dress for the job you want to have and be sure to keep a good posture and smile to project confidence to those around you.

The next step up will be sales manager where you can make $113,860 per year. The hack is to be sure to learn from your past mistakes in order to have more success in the future.

Advertising, promotion and marketing manager is the final position on the graphic, making $124,850 per year. Holding a master's degree and with hard work, this does not have to be the top rung of the ladder, as you could qualify for an executive position in the future.