Infographic: What should not be said to wheelchair users

Pity is not the answer when it comes to this subject.

A person in a wheelchair might look or act a little different, but making this difference stand out can be truly hurtful.

It is obvious that with today’s evolution, the needs of wheelchair users are more often taken into consideration, especially in public places: handicapped parking spots, sidewalks including ramps and, in the professional field, job offers and facilities in the workplace.

But despite all of this development, the issue of treating handicapped people equally still occasionally lacks humanity. People are always pointing out that wheelchair users are vulnerable, making inappropriate comments and asking improper questions, without realizing the consequences to which they lead.

Even though wheelchair users might keep quiet about these issues, many are very annoyed by the infinite number of comments and questions they receive every single day about their condition.

Here is an infographic showing problems that annoy wheelchair users, things that each one of us should avoid when being around them.