Infographic: How engagement and happiness among employees make or break a company

Wondering how beneficial engaged employees are to any company?

An engaged employee is one who is more productive, more creative, collaborative and healthier than their counterparts, feeling part of a bigger goal and inspired to do the best work. On the contrary, disengaged workers lead to billions in losses because of their lower levels of productivity.

But to avoid the losses, companies have a few ways in which they can engage their employees. Each worker should feel as though their work is recognized and appreciated by the upper management, which helps to motivate them.

The key is building a company culture that makes each employee feel like an essential participant.

The infographic below shows the difference between engaged and unengaged employees and their consequences on productivity. It is provided by Mindjet, the parent company of MindManager, which is the world’s leading mind mapping software application for individuals and organizations. With over two million paid users, it enables brainstorming and creative problem solving, improves communication and information management.

It also gives users the ability to plan and complete projects more effectively.



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