6 free mobile apps that help boost your productivity

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. It even changed the way we conduct business.

Smartphones and mobile apps are today the central tool in not only our free time but also in the most professional of contexts.

But with this fact comes our need to make the best out of the technology available to us to reach our goals.

So here are five apps that help boost your productivity.

1. Evernote. This digital notebook is one of the most popular productivity apps. It helps you save typed notes, voice notes and handwritten notes, set reminders, take photos, attach files, send messages to email addresses or participants' names and start a group project. Evernote also has an offline option that allows users to save their notes locally without a connection.

Available on: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and web

2. Wunderlist. This task manager acts as a digital to-do list but does way more. Its users can not only organize their daily tasks but also set reminders, take notes and share events. Wunderlist is cloud-based, allowing data to sync across devices.

Available on: iOS and Android

3. Pocket. This app allows you to save, discover and recommend unlimited web stories. It integrates with your web browsing to offer you the option to save the article or video you find interesting for later. Pocket offers a smooth and simple reading experience and lets you discover online stories according to your interests and taste.

Available on: iOS and Android

4. Microsoft Outlook. After Microsoft acquired the email app Acompli at the end of 2014, Outlook improved a lot and became the go-to app for email management. Easy to use and beautifully designed, the app allows you to add accounts from several email platforms, including Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud.

Available on: iOS and Android

5. Citymapper. If you use public transport, this app is a must-have. It offers you the best ways to get across a city, whether by car, bus, train or on foot. Although originally developed in London, Citymapper is now available for several cities including New York City and Paris.

Available on: iOS and Android

6. Slack. This professional communication app is made for project teams and coworkers. It allows you to chat with colleagues and share files with them either in private chat rooms or public groups. Slack is characterized with being searchable and with connecting to other apps like Dropbox, Twitter, Google Calendar and Hangouts, among others. Many big companies use Slack. The Global Young Voices team does too.

Available on: iOS, Android and web

Cover credit: Onthemoneyradio.org