TED: "When China rules the world"

For over two centuries, we have lived in a westernized world. The book “When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order” from British author Martin Jacques argues that the twenty-first century will be different.

With the rise of increasingly powerful, non-Western countries, the west will no longer be dominant and there will be many ways of being considered “modern.” In this new era of “contested modernity,” the central player will be China.

Jacques argues that far from becoming a westernized society, China will remain highly distinctive. It is not only having a bigger economic impact, but its political and cultural influence will be just as, if not more, significant.

China’s rise signals the end of the global dominance of the west. Its emergence on the world will come to shape it in a host of different ways, which will become increasingly disconcerting and unfamiliar to those who live in the west.

Jacques explain more about his book in the TED Talk video below.

Cover credit: Google Books