Infographic: The best careers for extroverts and introverts

When choosing your future career, you should take into consideration different standards and criteria. It is important to know, for example, that one’s personality influences productivity at work.

Extroverts are funny, energetic and always willing to meet new people. They love people and are known to have a wide circle of friends. Being an extrovert might appear to be tiring, but for them, the life and soul of any party, it is natural to be this outgoing.

However, introverts are the quiet people, they’re the ones listening. They don’t like attention and feel comfortable around a small circle of close friends. When appearing to be daydreaming, an introvert would be thinking his ideas through, and deciding what to say, in case an uncomfortable situation comes up.

Each person can have a bit of both traits, but only one takes the lead in their lives.

Careers also require more than just knowledge and experience. Each career choice reflects a personality type and can only be performed by a person having corresponding characteristics.

The infographic below not only explains how extroverts and introverts are noticeable everyday but also suggests adequate jobs for each personality.



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