Infographic: How music affects productivity

On a good or a bad day, everyone listens to music. Whether they decided to put their playlist on repeat, listen to whatever comes on the radio, or sing their favorite song in the shower, music is almost a necessity.

In fact, the human brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres; right and left. It is the right cerebral hemisphere that is responsible for emotions, awareness and music. Once this hemisphere is damaged, there’s a high risk of inability to interpret emotional and musical sounds.

When thinking about doing a serious task and focusing, people tend to think that silence is required. But numerous studies have shown that familiar background sounds are very helpful and lead to better results.

However, listening to a song you don’t know might become a source of distraction. Instead of being just a background sound soothing the mood, you will find yourself focusing on the song’s lyrics and distracted from your actual work.

This infographic explains how music affects productivity. It is important in the workplace and can be a source of creativity, but it can also be a source of distraction.



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