How Social Work Keeps Armed Groups like ISIS in Power

ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas are three terrorist groups that have become particularly notorious for their terrifying violence. But that's just part of what they do. In fact, as Benedetta Berti explains, they also attempt and often succeed in winning over populations through social work: they start schools and hospitals, they offer safety and security, and more broadly, they fill the gaps left by the feeble local governments. She also asserts that it is crucial to understand the broad work of these groups in order to find new strategies to eradicate them and end their violence. 
Benedetta Berti is a research expert on political violence, civil war and security, with a particular focus for the Middle Eastern area. She has spent over ten years researching non-state armed forces ranging from terrorists to insurgents or militias and collaborates with governmental institutions and NGOs to devise new paths to resolution of conflicts.