Purpose of New Year: Building world of peace

Even though the World Day of Peace, which was established by Pope Paul VI in 1968 for the first day of the year, originally began as a Catholic celebration, it seems important to remember the event today and start the new year with purpose, especially during such a complicated time in human history.

Image credit: Internationalaffairs.org.au

Image credit: Internationalaffairs.org.au

Extending this event to the secular world, the intention is to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

If we can't stop the ongoing conflicts all over the world, we surely can do something in our own life and countries, with the people around us.

The following video, produced by the War Prevention Initiative of the Jubitz Family Foundation, shows the trends of the last 100 years leading to the evolution of a peace system, based on historian Kent Shifferd's “From War to Peace.”

Check it out to learn more about it.

Cover photo credit: globalexchange.org