What connection exists between positive thinking and successful life?

Mark Ferguson has been a realtor since 2001 and he is specialized in listing REO and HUD properties. He is also an avid real estate investor, always looking for the best deal. He also likes to fix up properties. Thanks to his job, he understood how important it is to have a positive mind and feel good not only about what concerns business and work, but also in everyday life.

The idea that positive thinking can create success is based on the “law of attraction.” The science of positive thinking involves how our subconscious mind works - the basic concept is that what you think and feel will be attracted back to you.

If we think we are a failure or cannot achieve anything, our subconscious mind will think that way as well. On the contrary, thinking we are good and able to do something gives a better chance of doing it.

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But we need to be careful, because being positive and ignoring warning signs is not a good thing. A positive mind doesn't mean thinking every situation will work out perfectly no matter what the facts are. The key is to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

The biggest advantage of being positive is it makes you feel good about yourself. The confidence that stems from that allows you to try new ventures. When you feel good, you tend indeed to be more open to opportunities.

Being really successful involves risk-taking, getting out of your comfort zone and being able to act fast. Confidence makes all of these things possible.

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The following infographic presents further information about the benefits of positive thinking.

Infographic credit: Breathofoptimism.com

Infographic credit: Breathofoptimism.com

Cover photo credit: inspiyr.com