Infographic: How Brits spend their Christmas


Editor's note: This infographic was made by Chloe Hashemi in collaboration with Toxic Fox. Chloe is a 22-year-old girl from England who is currently living in London and working in East Anglia. We thought it would be interesting to feature her infographic about how Brits celebrate Christmas, since the theme seemed suitable for this time of the year.

Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, even the Brits. As this infographic reports, Christmas shopping in Britain amounts to an astounding 17.26 billion pounds.

The average Brit buys 14.8 presents for 8.3 people and almost a third of all Christmas purchases are made through tablets or smartphones.

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Most interestingly, the millennial generation appears to be the most generous with Christmas gifts!

Infographic credit: Chloe Hashemi/Toxic Fox
Cover photo credit: