How reading can change your brain

Reading is one of the best exercises for the brain (if not the best overall), a study found. It is basic not only for people involved in literary and humanistic areas of knowledge, but also for those who study or work within scientific areas.

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In the following video, provided by DNews Channel, two experts explain the concrete effects of reading on the mind.

One of the experts is Dr. Mike North, who majored in material science at University of California - Santa Barbara, hosts the Discovery shows “Prototype This," “Outrageous Acts of Science,” and "In The Making." North is an undaunted innovator who fuses engineering and science with empathy and creativity, opening doors to new solutions, awe-inspiring experiences and radical paradigm shifts.

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Other expert, Trace Dominguez, has always enjoyed insatiable curiosity and was taught from a young age to, "always be learning." Today Dominguez uses his research abilities to spread news about science to every corner of the mediascape. His affinity for science and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge led him to join the DNews team, where he turns complex science into straightforward information that is easier to understand.

Watch the video to know more about the connection between reading and brain functions.

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