Infographic: How do beer and coffee affect the brain?

Caffeine must be one of the most used substance around the planet. While some choose to consume it on purpose, others just do without even trying. Caffeine is hidden in soda bottles, chocolate bars and energy drink cans.

When someone wants to wake up in the morning, focus on studying or pull an all-nighter, they always choose coffee. But when they need a distraction, people tend to use alcohol, which is believed to help them forget about their routine and feel free. So they decide to go to the nearest bar and have a beer with friends.

Beer does have several health benefits, and it is not risky or dangerous to drink one every now and then, instead of getting drunk every night.

The question resides then in the choice of either substance; if both have certain benefits, why not choose beer every single day, or coffee every single hour?

Coffee and beer can have different impacts on the brain, and knowing these facts can help a person make the right choice at the right time.

The infographic below will explain how those two substances affect the brain, and help someone acknowledge the source behind creative ideas as well as their good execution.

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