How vegetarians can survive without meat

Whether you are a vegetarian or you once tried to become one, you would admit that people around you gave you a hard time when they knew about it.

The word “vegetarian” has been in use since 1839, and you would think that everyone has got used to the idea by now, only to be surprised that it’s still considered to be strange to some.

The number of lame questions asked to vegetarians is increasing by the day, and all they can do is ignore them and live by their own beliefs.

People think that the only source of protein is meat, which is totally wrong. Vegetarians usually make sure they get the appropriate daily amount of proteins. These sources might differ depending on the type of vegetarianism they choose: semi-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian or vegan.

Sometimes, vegetarians would also be considered as an environment or animal freaks. People wouldn’t believe that it is a lifestyle choice.

Actually, being a vegetarian has several health benefits. It promotes heart health, reduces cancer risks, helps maintain weight, and it’s a natural way to clean the body, without any type of detox.  A person might have chosen this type of lifestyle, for different reasons such as environmental and health benefits, animal rights, religious and ethical reasons or simply because of dietary preferences.

So being a vegetarian consists not only in the diet but also in being patient and having the ability to put up with some people’s lame questions and their unavoidable nonsense.

In fact, this matter is nobody’s concern, just like questions about someone’s marriage, their mental health or their bank account.

Therefore, the next time someone tells you they’re vegetarian, try to bear with the fact that they are, and cope with the idea that knowing the reason behind their choice isn’t beneficial to you on any level.

And before asking any questions, check out the sources of nutrients vegetarians can get every day in the pyramid below.

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