Video: Refugees across countries share their stories

At least 37 countries in the world were affected this year by either natural disasters or armed conflicts. And out of 125 million people who currently need humanitarian assistance, only around 87.6 million are to receive aid in 2016. But this will require a record of US$20.1 billion in funding – five times the amount a decade ago, according to the United Nations' Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

A video uploaded on the OCHA YouTube channel featured displaced persons speaking about their lives as refugees and their hopes and needs for the coming year.

Vian from Iraq, Nur from Myanmar, Regina from South Sudan, Diana from Iraq, Laxmi from Nepal, Salwa from Iraq, Um Hussein from Yemen, Marie-Hélène from Central African Republic and Zakarya from Syria represented families who, now living in deplorable conditions, had to flee their homes due to threats, armed conflicts or natural disasters in their countries.

They are people whose ultimate wish is peace.