7 practical hacks to prevent procrastination

Are you turning into a chronic procrastinator? It’s time to make conscious changes. Make the most out of your day by following these tips.

1. Wake up. Yes, seriously. There is absolutely no way for you to finish your tasks on time if you do not wake up early. It all starts with a conscious decision to set your alarm a bit earlier than usual (this also implies sticking to a consistent sleeping schedule) in order to get things moving faster during the day.

2. Do not fall victim to the planning fallacy. Humans have a general tendency to think they can accomplish a certain task in much less time than it actually ends up taking, a phenomenon formally known as the planning fallacy. Avoid this by setting realistic goals and time frames while drafting your to-do list.

3. Have a clear vision of your desired end results. Try to visualize the end product of each of your tasks before getting down to business. This will clear up your mind and help you achieve consistency throughout your work.

4. Color-code your tasks. Learn to effectively prioritize your tasks by order of importance. Try using different colors or different shades of the same color to separate your tasks visually. For example, you can use black for urgent tasks, red for important tasks and light pink for less important ones.

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5. Chunk things down. Always divide large tasks into smaller, feasible tasks as this will make it easier for you to keep track of your progress on any given assignment at hand.

6. Unplug. Refrain from impulsively checking your phone and social media accounts while working on an assignment. Narrowing your focus by cutting down on distractions can help you accomplish your tasks properly in a significantly shorter amount of time.

7. Be excited, even if you have to fake it. This can only make things better.


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