Omani youth company produces eco-friendly cups to promote sustainability

Zuwaina Al Daraai, GYV reporter from Oman, sat down with Naf Company CEO Naseeba Al Rashidi who runs a youth-led firm based in Oman. The company started off as a group of university students who wanted to make a difference when it comes to waste control management and recycling.

Naf Company is an eco-promotion youth firm focused on Omani consumers. In particular, the company sells coffee and tea cups that can be customized with advertising content and re-used in an innovative way after the consumption of beverages. The focus on these items stems from the fact that Omanis drink these beverages every day.

The cups are innovative and eco-friendly because they contain soil at the bottom that can be used to plant different types of plants after the drink has been consumed.  

The company began operating in recent years and was started by students from Sultan Qaboos University and so far 14 companies, including big ones, have placed orders to get the cups.

Companies that place orders could choose the plant seed variety that they want to have embedded in their cups. Orders, so far, are between 200 and 5,000 units. The aim of the company is to create a greener society and reduce the usage of plastic.

So after being used to drink coffee, the cup begins a new life.

Cover cartoon credit: Sergio Algeri/GYV