UK youth initiative The Climate Collective raises awareness for the environment

Editor’s note: The following report was prepared by GYV writer Robert Cain from the U.K. as the second story of our spin-off sustainability project powered by RadiciGroup.

This month, GYV reporter Robert Cain sheds light on The Climate Collective, a U.K.-based social movement created by a group of millennials whose aim is to raise awareness on the issues affecting our planet, particularly with regards to sustainability through social media.

In the report below, Cain sat down with the group members to discuss their line of work, the nature of climate change, young people’s role in protecting the environment and the Waste and Resources Action Programme, in regards to the head concept of circular economy.

You can find all the videos from our sustainability project on our website here. We’d like to thank The Climate Collective for answering our questions and going the extra mile by filming themselves while up in Scotland.

Cover cartoon credit: Sergio Algeri/GYV