Young students devise sustainable solution for Lebanon’s trash crisis

While environmental problems are aggravating globally, the need for an action plan for circular economy and environmental sustainability has become more than urgent. Youth around the world are today’s leaders of various initiatives to solve such problems.

In Lebanon, a team of eight young students developed a sustainable solution for the solid waste crisis that hit Lebanon for a whole year in 2015 and still has repercussions today.

Through a research-based project, the Robobuilders team found out that solid waste mismanagement is an urgent problem to solve. Plastic, rubber and glass can cause diseases and even deaths in the long term, and can affect the air and soil. These materials occupy about 28 percent of landfills and can take thousands of years to disintegrate.

While the amount of trash is still increasing (four times since 1980 in Lebanon) and since the main constituents of trash in Lebanon are glass, rubber and plastic (70 percent), Robobuilders found a way to use those recyclables in sustainable paving to benefit from the trash, which is not being handled properly.



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The Robobuilders team has earned many local and international awards for finding innovative solutions to different problems due to their commitment, talent and passion.

Watch Robobuilders speak to GYV’s Christina Boutros about their breakthrough in the video report below.

Cover cartoon credit: Sergio Algeri/GYV